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本文摘要:Unit7 Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes.【重点单词】1.license [ˈlaIsns ] n. (= licence) 证;证件Please show me your license.请出示你的驾照。

Unit7 Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes.【重点单词】1.license [ˈlaIsns ] n. (= licence) 证;证件Please show me your license.请出示你的驾照。2.safety [ˈseifti] n. 宁静;宁静性①We should keep the children safe.我们应该掩护孩子们的宁静。②Children's safety is the most important.孩子们的宁静是最重要的③Food safety has become a hot topic. 食品宁静已经成为一个热门话题。

3.smoke [sməuk] v. 冒烟;吸烟 n. 烟①Smoking is not allowed in hospitals.医院里不允许吸烟。②Please stop smoking in public places.请停止在公开场合吸烟。②My father has given up smoking for three years. 我父亲已经戒烟三年了。


4.part-time [ˌpɑ:(r)t ˈtaɪm] adj.兼职的During the holiday, they all found a part-time job.假期期间,他们都找到了一份兼职事情。5.pierce [piəs][pirs] v. 扎;刺破;穿透Teenagers are not allowed to pierce ear holes at school.青少年在学校不允许穿耳洞。

Mother pierced the window with a needle. 母亲用针扎破了窗户。6.earring [ˈiəriŋ][ˈɪrɪŋ] n. 耳饰;耳饰Our English teacher has a pair of beautiful earrings. 我们的英语老师有一副漂亮的耳饰。

7.flash [flæʃ] n. 闪光灯;闪光 v. 闪光,闪耀There are five flashes on top of the house. 屋子的顶部有五盏闪光灯。The flashlight is flashing.手电筒在闪光呢。8.tiny ['taɪnɪ] adj. 极小的,微小的This microbe is so tiny that we can't see it with the naked eye. 这种微生物太小了,我们用肉眼是看不见的。9.cry [kraɪ] v. & n. 哭;叫唤The cry of the children caught people's attention. 孩子们的哭声引起了人们的注意。

10.field [fi:ld] n. 田野;园地There are many crops growing in the field. 田里生长着许多庄稼。11.hug [hʌg] n. & v. 拥抱;搂抱Back from Beijing, my brother hugged his mother with excitement. 从北京回来后,弟弟兴奋地拥抱了母亲。12.lift [lift] v. 举起;抬高 n. 电梯;搭便车①Xiao Ming raised his right hand and asked the question. 小明举起右手,问了一个问题。②The little boy lifted a big stone.小男孩举起了一块大石头③The lift in our community is broken.我们社区的电梯坏了。

【lift ,raise, rise的区别】①lift 是及物动词,表现强挪用体力把某物从地面提到一定的高度。He lifted the big stone off the the floor and put it on the table.他把那块大石头从地板上拿起,放在桌子上。That bag might be too heavy to lift.那包可能太重了搬不动。②raise 也是及物动词,是”抬高”,“提高”的意思,强调行动的姿态,反义 词是lower。

例如:raise one’s hand 举手raise a flag 升旗raise a stone 搬石头raise one’s voice 提高嗓门说话raise the rate of production 提高生产效率③rise 是不及物动词,表现“升起”,“站起来”的意思,表现由低而高的变化 历程。△The sun rises in the East and sets in the West every day.太阳天天从东方升起,从西方落下。△When does he rise every day? 他天天几点起床?Prices are rising. 物价在上涨。

13.badly [ˈbædli] adv. 严重地;差;很是His pronounced badly. 他的发音欠好。14.talk back 回嘴;顶嘴Students are not allowed to talk back to the teacher. 学生不允许和老师顶嘴。15.awful [ˈɔ:fl] adj. 很坏的;讨厌的I saw a awful mouse in the corner.我看到墙角有一只讨厌的老鼠。

16.teen [ti:n] n.(13至19岁之间的)青少年17.regret [riˈgret] v. 感应遗憾;后悔Nini regretted doing something that made her mother angry. 妮妮忏悔做了一件让她妈妈生气的事。18.poem [ˈpəuim] n. 诗;韵文The children's poems are beautiful. 这些儿童诗很美。19.community [kəˈmju:nəti] n. 社区;社团We have 3000 people in our community.我们的社区有3000人。

20.keep away from 制止靠近;远离If you wear masks, wash your hands frequently and don`t go to a crowded place, the new coronavirus will be far away from us. 如果你戴上口罩,勤洗手,不去拥挤的地方,新型冠状病毒就会远离我们。21.chance [tʃa:ns] [tʃæns] n. 时机;可能性Do I have a chance to enter the interview?我有时机到场面试吗?22.make one’s own decision 自己做决议In this matter, I will make my own decision. 在这件事上,我会自己做决议。


23.educate [ˈedʒukeit] v. 教育;教诲Teachers often educate us to be useful to the society when we grow up.老师经常教育我们长大后要对社会有用。24.manage [ˈmænidʒ] v. 完成(难题的事);应付(难题局势)We'll manage as best we can.我们会努力的。

25.society [səˈsaiəti] n. 社会We are all members of society.我们都是社会的成员。26.get in the way of 挡……的路;故障He wouldn't allow emotions to get in the way of him doing his job.他不会让情感故障他的事情。A big stone got in the way of us. 一块大石头盖住了我们的路。

27.support [səˈpɔ:(r)t] v. & n. 支持(1)support用作动词,意为“支撑、肩负重量”。例如:①Is the shelf strong enough to support these heavy books?这个书架支撑得住这些重书吗?(2)support用作动词,意为“养(家);维持(生活);肩负(用度)等”。例如:It’s difficult for him to support himself on such a small salary.靠这么微薄的一份薪水,他很难养活自己。

My English teacher encouraged me, and he supported me with money.我的英语老师勉励我,并给我钱支持我。(3)support用作动词,还表现“支持,赞成”。例如:①My father supported me to study in England.我父亲支持我去英国学习。

② Thank you for your support and encouragement. 谢谢你对我的支持和勉励。(4)in support of 表现“支持,证明 (作状语)”。例如:His words and deeds is in support of the plan. 他的言行是支持这个计划的。28.enter [entə(r)] v. 进来;进去(1)enter作动词(=go into/come into),意为“进入”。

例如:LiMing entered the classroom quickly.= LiMing went into the classroom quickly.李明很快地走进了课堂。(2)enter还可意为“到场,加入;使到场;开始从事;登陆,将……输入”。例如:TheUnited Statesdid not enter the war until April 19, 1917.美国直到一九一七年四月十九日才参战。They entered their child at a public schoo.他们让他们的孩子在一所公立学校就读。

He showed me how to enter data into the computer.他教我如何把数据输入盘算机。29.choice [tʃɔɪs] n.选择; 挑选30.Picasso [pi'kæsəu] 毕加索(西班牙画家)【重点短语】1.get his driver’s license 取得驾驶执照2.no way没门,不行3.sixteen-year-olds 十六岁的人Sixteen-year-olds should go to school.16岁的孩子应该去上学。

sixteen-year-old 十六岁的I don’t think sixteen-year-olds should be allowed to get their ears pierced.我认为不应该允许16岁的孩子穿耳孔。4. be worried about=worry about 担忧My mother is always worried about the health of my brother and me. 我妈妈总是担忧我和弟弟的康健。

5. have part-time jobs 做兼职事情My brother and I did a part-time job on vacation. 我哥哥和我在假期做兼职事情。6. get one’s ears pierced 打耳洞Mary went/got to have her ear pierced yesterday.7. get / have / make sth. done 使某物被做……l got/had/made my bike fixed.我把自行车修好了。8. stop doing sth 停止做某事My grandfather stopped reading the newspaper. 我爷爷不再看报纸了。

9. stop to do sth. 停下往复做某事The workers stopped to have a rest.工人们停下来休息。10. spend time with sb. 花时间和某人在一起I spent two hours watching TV with my mother yesterday. 昨天我和妈妈看了两个小时的电视。11.take photos, take a photo 照相Mary likes taking photos. 玛丽喜欢照相。12.use a flash 使用闪光灯Mom can't use a flash. 妈妈不会使用闪光灯。

13.all night 整夜①My father had insomnia all night.我父亲整夜失眠。②They played computer games all night. 他们整晚都在玩电脑游戏。14.stay by one's side 留在某人身边Would you please stay by grandma`s side?你能留在奶奶身边吗?15.make sure = be sure 确保,确定You should make sure that there is no one in the house. 你应该确保屋子里没有人。

16.keep sb. (away) from sth使某人远离某物Children should be kept away from dangerous places. 孩子们应该远离危险的地方。We should stay away from the bad people in our lives.我们应该远离生活中的坏人。Mother keeps her daughter away from bad people. 母亲让她的女儿远离坏人。

17. hurt oneself 伤害某人自己Don't worry. He didn't hurt himself.别担忧。他没有伤着自己。

18. give sb. a hug = hug sb. 拥抱某人The little sister entered the house and gave her mother a hug. 小妹妹走进屋子,拥抱了妈妈一下。19.lift up 举起My dad lifted up the heavy box.我爸爸举起了这个极重的箱子。20. cough badly 猛烈地咳嗽My father coughs badly.我父亲咳嗽得厉害。

21. talk back 回嘴,顶嘴It's impolite to talk back to your parents.跟怙恃顶嘴是不礼貌的。22. an adult 一个成人Li Ming is 18 years old. He is already an adult.李明18岁了。他已经是成年人了。23. think back to 追念起This picture reminds me of my miserable childhood.这张照片使我想起了我悲凉的童年。


=This picture made me think back to my miserable childhood. 这张照片使我追念起我悲凉的童年。The photographs made me think back to my schooldays.这些照片使我追念起我的学生时代。I recalled my days in the country with my grandmother. 我回忆起在乡下和祖母在一起的日子。24. regret doing sth. 忏悔做了某事I regret copying other people's homework. 我忏悔抄了别人的作业。

25. make one’s own decision 做某人自己的决议I have to make my own decisions.我必须自己做决议。26.too + adj.+ to do sth. 太…而不能做某事The teacher was too angry to say a word. 老师气得一句话也说不出来了。

My little brother is too young to do such heavy work. 我的弟弟太小了,做不了这么重的事情。27.learn…from…从…...学到…...We learned a lot from this documentary.我们从这部纪录片中学到了许多。28.agree with sb 同意某人的看法The teacher agreed with me.老师同意我的意见。

29.disagree with sb. 差别意某人的看法I don't agree with Jack.=I disagree with Jack.我差别意杰克的意见。30.move out 搬出去My grandfather and grandmother moved out and lived in the countryside,they don't like living in the city.我的祖父和祖母搬出去住在乡下,他们不喜欢住在都会。

31.instead of取代,而不是They talk instead of doing homework.他们谈天而不是做作业。32.should be allowed to do sth. 被允许做某事①Middle school students should be allowed to wear clothes what they like.中学生应该被允许穿他们喜欢的衣服。②We should be allowed to take time to do things like that more often.我们应该被允许越发经常的花些时间多做这类事情。

③Should I be allowed to make my own decisions?我应该被允许自己做决议吗?④They should be allowed to practice their hobbies as much as they want.应该允许他们对业余喜好想练多长时间就练多长时间。33.look good on sb. 适合某人人The two pairs of jeans both look good on me.这两条牛仔裤穿在我身上都适合。

34.have nothing against doing sth. 没有理由阻挡做某事①We have nothing against running.我们没有理由阻挡跑步。②No one has nothing against going to Beijing. 没有人没有理由阻挡去北京。35.achieve one's dream实现某人的梦想Only then will I have a chance of achieving my dream.只有这样我才气实现我的梦想。

36.stay up①He is allowed to stay up until 11:00 pm.允许他熬到晚上11点。②Staying up late is not good for teenagers' health. 熬夜倒霉于青少年的康健。③My mother won't allow me to stay up late我妈妈不允许我熬夜④Xiao Ming always stays up late and plays computer games. 小明总是熬夜玩电脑游戏。



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